You poured me a glass of some cabernet
Ten dollars from the liquor store across the way
I parted my lips and took a sip
You parted yours and started on our memory trip

Back to cherry-topped sundaes on that summer day
You were just about to leave but I begged you to stay
Five minutes to make, five minutes gone
Five years later and the flavour lingers on

Here we sit with a bottle of wine
Reminiscing as if we let the tapes rewind
Not a moment spent second guessing our choices
As the memories play to the sound of our voices

Remember that December day we planned to go out
But it was way too cold for us to even leave the house
So we dreamed of breezy beaches lying on your bed
And let the winter weather wither within our heads

'Cause all those times we talked of traveling to somewhere sunny
Never went anywhere 'cause we had no money
And as the honeymoon is coming soon I think it's funny
That I'll never get to see you in trunks.


I met your mom and dad when I had such a fever
I shivered when I shook their hands they thought I was either
About to lose my cool or perhaps I was a junkie
But despite that, and even to this day, they still love me

I still think about all those fights we had
About something small but they got so bad
Until we made up just by talking
And we stayed up all night walking

Through the reasons that the two of us should stay together
And the things to do to make it through the nasty weather
But you and I always knew the truth
That you were never meant for me and I'm not meant for you


Even though you told me I was free to crash on the couch
I think it's better if I head 'er 'fore the sun comes out
The bottle is empty and my throat is dry
And there's not much left to say about "You and I"

So goodbye to "You and I" 'cause now it's "Us" and "Them"
Our lives are moving forward and we can't pretend
We'll have time for each other like we did back then
But we can still make time for nights like this again

You know this meeting was to celebrate the end of a chapter
And to mark the start of one happily-ever-after
For the other what the future holds we just can't tell
But if we knew, would we go through with it? It's just as well


I can tell you're tired by the way you're blinking your eyes
I think it's time for us to hug and say our goodbyes
This meeting was to celebrate the end of a chapter
And to mark the start of one happily-ever-after