We've not met before, I'm sweet lady luck
Show me to my door, come in and we'll... talk
I'll give you the tour but there isn't much here
Some clothes on the floor but the rooms are all bare
All of the rest is packed away inside a chest
That I keep tucked under the bed

The truth is that I'm the happiest when I'm living in
My state of denial

Now, I don't want to appear as someone cold and removed
But I wanna be clear: I'm not the type of girl who
Will say how she feels and then ask you the same
You feed her a meal, she'll give it a name

I'd tell her that I'm the happiest when I'm living in
My state of denial

Call it high fashion:
Standard grooming of modern women
I see it left and right and up and down and all around me
So it makes it hard! I gotta stay buttoned up sometimes when I just wanna streak

I'm fun when I'm drunk, I'm not drunk enough
I talk like I'm tough and I don't talk of love
'Cause that's what you want - what else have I got?
If I'm filled to the top then that's where you stop
Scared to get wet, scared of what's inside my head
Scared of what's beneath the bed

Now tell me that I'm the happiest when I'm living
Free to fetter the chains, sparked to water the flames, safe to fear what I feel
It's cozy inside. Now please, won't you join me here in
My state of denial