Lauren joseph

When Lauren Joseph opens her mouth to sing, she will knock the wind out of you! 

Don’t let Lauren Joseph’s quiet demeanour fool you: she’s no wallflower when under the spotlight. A surprise, perhaps, if you’ve only just met her, but Lauren Joseph grew up performing, starting at the tender age of seven years old, and feels completely at home on stage 

A broad musical background adds to the Joseph enigma. If her own description of her genre - “Rocky-popish-jazzy-folk” - leaves you puzzled, much better is to give her a listen and make up your own mind. 

At the core of her songwriting process is the desire to deconstruct human emotion. Her songs weave stories into the music and conjure a deeply personal experience in the listener’s mind. The words that fall out of her pages tongue-in-cheek, powerful, and evocative all at once. 

Lauren Joseph released her debut album We Love in 2011. In the five years since, Joseph has performed at numerous music festivals and often has her songs played on the radio. Joseph’s immense passion and dedication to her music has brought about a new, developed sound and style that can be heard in her newest album, Overdressed (March 2016). 

One thing for certain: Lauren Joseph is set to make a big impression in the independent music scene.  Her music and artistry will take any audience by surprise – truly an act you don’t want to miss!


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Previous events


Lauren Joseph's last show at the Blue Chair

 —  —

Blue Chair Café, 9624 - 76 Ave NW, Edmonton

Lauren Busheikin and the Blue Eyed Boys are going to rock the Blue Chair Café one last time before Lauren takes off to the UK! Well, she might be back eventually. But do you really want to take that chance by not showing??


State of Denial: Mar 13/13
Recorded at the Edmonton CKUA Studios for the TransCanada Alberta Backstage Series
Featuring: Vicky Berg, Brennan Cameron, Matt Grier, Keith Rempel, Michelle Rempel, and Chris Tabbert

Me, The Fool: Apr 22/11
Recorded at the Haven Social Club
Featuring Brennan Cameron, Matt Grier, Keith Rempel, and Chris Tabbert


“…Edmonton’s Lauren [Joseph] has brought a surprisingly complicated, eclectic approach to creating and performing the all-original tunes on her debut CD, We Love. … Her vocal style covers a lot of territory too, with a seemingly effortless sound that draws you in, while the arrangements touch on jazz, folk and pop.”
-Roger Levesque | Edmonton Journal
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"Lauren [Joseph] is one of those musical delights we come upon all too infrequently.  She writes, sings and performs in a fresh strong style; insightful lyrics, thoughtful melodies and well-crafted arrangements, all presented by a gorgeous soaring voice.  She is mature well beyond her years, and a delightful person to boot.  What's not to like?"
-Brian Dunsmore | Executive Producer at CKUA Radio Network

Lauren [Joseph] is the kind of performer who takes you by surprise. Her demeanor is humble and unassuming but her talent is nothing short of jaw dropping. She sings with heart and soul, and delivers a memorable performance that holds an audience from start to finish. She is well worth going out to see!
-Rhea March | Founder of March Music & School of Song

"Simply fantastic playlist...  It was [her] lyrics that pulled me in and made me want to listen further.  [She's] got that brilliant dexterity and joy of wordplay that a writer like Lily Allen has, and it makes a song like "Bottle of Wine" an utterly joyful and exhilarating experience.  Really love [her] vocal style too.  So easy and jazzy and soulful. What a talent!"

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